What a year 2018 was.

Government initiatives, price corrections and affordability issues were all brought up at one point during the year.

2018 saw a lot of change, but there’s still plenty more on the way in 2019.

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Keeping these trends in mind will allow you to be in the best position to enter the market and also get the best value possible for your property.

Here are five real estate trends you need to keep an eye out for in 2019.

Disruptive Technologies

New ideas and continuous innovation will disrupt the current real estate market. These disruptions change how people live, work and decided to shop for real estate. Real estate owners, investors, developers, managers and service providers need to stay on top of these changes and adapt to it.


This isn’t a new issue for residents across Metro Vancouver, but it is one that’ll stay relevant for the foreseeable future. The market has slowed down considerably and yet there’s still a need for affordable housing. Many people have moved further away from Vancouver to find affordable houses. It’ll be interesting to see if the market slowdown will bring people back to Vancouver, or will the trend of moving eastward still remain the same.

Social Media

Millennials will continue to make up the bulk of first-time homebuyers, and most of those looking for homes use the internet to research properties. Homebuyers are using Google to type in a few keywords to search up properties that will match what they’re looking for. Hashtags, locations and targeted ads are all tools that can be used to market real estate.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube are all platforms that millennials and other homebuyers go on to look for real estate. Having the best photos and videos are absolutely essential to make a good first impression.

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re not only social media already, 2019 would be a great opportunity to slowly get online.

Sliding Prices

From a year ago, real estate prices are down considerably across British Columbia. New taxes, more inventory and higher interest rates are all having an effect on the market says numerous experts. This past fall, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reported a nearly 43 per cent decrease in sales of condos, townhouse and detached homes in November, compared to the same month a year before.

Higher Interest Rates

The Bank of Canada steadily increased key interest rates throughout 2018. Since the summer of 2017, they have increased interest rates five times. Future interest rate hikes will depend on factors such as how long oil prices will slump, how businesses continue to grow and how much more the economy can grow.

So what does this mean for real estate markets?

Getting a mortgage from the bank will now have more interest on it for you to pay. This has financially squeezed homeowners and aspiring homeowners across the country. It’s important to speak with an advisor and make sure you have all the information you need before getting a mortgage.

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Richmond is well known for its Asian cuisine and it doesn’t disappoint.

The city is a perfect blend of international flavours, bustling businesses and endless economic growth.

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Here are the best restaurants in Richmond you have to try.

Best Restaurants In Richmond

Steveston Pizza Co.

About: This is an acclaimed joint that offers an extensive selection of thin-crust pies with unique toppings.

Location: 3400 Moncton Street #100, Richmond

Cost: $$

Flying Beaver Bar & Grill

About: The Flying Beaver offers great microbrew beers and inspired menus in an utterly unique West Coast environment. Located at the North End of the No.2 Road Bridge in Richmond, the Beaver lets you sit and watch the arrival and departure of the Harbour Air seaplanes on the Middle Arm of the Fraser River.

Location: 4760 Inglis Drive, Richmond

Cost: $$

Shanghai River

About: Peking duck, tiger shrimp, hot and sour soup, braised pork belly and pan fried beef noodles are all popular menu items that are sure to please. In addition, at Shanghai River Restaurant, you will find attentive staff and a friendly dining area.

Location: 7831 Westminster Highway, Richmond

Cost: $$

Daddy’s Delight

About: Whether you’re looking for delicious kebabs, or rice plates, this spot has it all!

Location: 4020 No 5 Road, Richmond

Cost: $$

G-men Ramen

About: Japanese noodle soups & izakaya plates are served in a bustling, informal atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion.

Location: 8391 Alexandra Road, Richmond

Cost: $$

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle

About: This restaurant serves up Taiwanese-American cooking, including traditional buns, beef noodles and salads.

Location: 4151 Hazelbridge Way Unit 2800, Richmond

Cost: $$

Shu Tao Hot Pot

About: Shu Tao Hot Pot is a combination of traditional Sichuan hot pot culture and the modern taste of innovation. They have characteristic individual hot pots and also family-size hot pots for sharing.

Location: 140-5960 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond

Cost: $$  

Steveston Seafood House

About: Steveston Seafood House is a traditional spot for oysters, scallops, wild salmon and more in the heart of a major fishing port.

Location: 951 Moncton Street, Richmond

Cost: $$$$

Alley BBQ Restaurant

About: The unique food and ingredients will take you back or, for those who have never been, transport you to simpler time, with the focus on taste, thoughtful service and comfort.

Location: 7997 Westminster Highway #250, Richmond

Cost: $$$$


About: Their mantra is simple – to serve you fish and chips worth buzzing about! They want to be famous for fish and chips (it’s their motto after all). Pajo does do so by using fresh, local BC ingredients, stellar customer service and a top secret recipe.

Location: 12351 3 Avenue, Richmond

Cost: $$

Kirin Seafood Restaurant

About: Kirin Restaurants showcases the finest Chinese Cuisine in Vancouver and serves it in a warm, authentic and elegant atmosphere. Indulge in their award-winning dim sum prepared fresh daily.

Location: 7900 Westminster Highway, Richmond

Cost: $$

Kisamos Greek Taverna

About: Kisamos has been serving authentic Greek cuisine to the community and visitors for over 20 years. Named after a town on the island of Crete in Greece, Kisamos Taverna specializes in traditional authentic Greek cuisine.

Location: 3420 Moncton Street, Richmond

Cost: $$

Ginger Indian Cuisine

About: Ginger Indian cuisine dishes out authentic Indian dishes with only the freshest ingredients.

Location: 9100 Blundell Road #490, Richmond

Cost: $$

Featured photo: Pajo's Fish and Chips / Facebook

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As we enter the last month of 2018, I thought it was a great time to look back and think about all the things we should be grateful for.

One of those things is the beautiful city we live in.

Here are 8 reasons why Vancouver is a world class city.


It’s surrounded by endless nature

This is a given and it’s also one of the biggest reasons why Vancouver is such an amazing city to live in. Anyone who flies into Vancouver will right away notice the beautiful mountains and water that surrounds the city. Stanley Park gives visitors an unbelievable outdoor experience that they won't forget.

On the North Shore, there’s Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain and Seymour Mountain, each offering amazing hiking trails and endless winter activities.

It’s multicultural

It’s as if the entire world lives in our beautiful city. Individuals from India, China, South America, the Philippines and so many countries call Vancouver home. Our clean environment and air, quality of life and endless opportunities make it an easy sell for anyone.

Amazing food scene

This is one of my favourite reasons for loving Vancouver. Arguably the best foodie city in North America, Vancouver’s chefs have access to local seafood that is second to none. Vancouver is also home to high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Endless parks & beaches

Stanley Park (mentioned above) is the world’s largest (1,000 acres) park, boasting endless greenery and a stunning seawall. Whether you’d like to walk, jog, or rent a bike, going around the seawall is something that never gets old.

The park is also home to numerous beaches and the prestigious Vancouver Aquarium.

Other notable parks across the city include:

  • VanDusen Botanical Garden
  • Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
  • Riverfront Park
  • New Brighton Park

It’s bike-friendly

There’s an estimated 800 miles of bike lanes throughout Vancouver and that number increases steadily every year.

It has lots of history

There are dozens of neighbourhoods in Vancouver and each one carries a different story. Some of these neighbourhoods are:

  • Downtown Vancouver
  • West End
  • Yaletown
  • Coal Harbour
  • Gastown
  • False Creek
  • Kitsilano
  • Shaughnessy
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Kerrisdale

Close to other exciting places to visit

You don’t have to travel far from Vancouver to make your way to some other amazing destinations. The city is located fairly close to the American border, Whistler, Vancouver Island, Kelowna and the Okanagan.

Amazing craft brewery scene

Vancouver’s beer scene is slowly being recognized across the world and it just adds another layer of excitement to the city. Our summers are second to none and enjoying a nice glass of local craft beer is one of the best ways to soak in the local scene.

According to The BC Ale Trail, Vancouver “boasts the country’s most dynamic craft beer community, featuring more than two dozen breweries”. From recent start ups to veterans of the industry, Vancouver’s beer scene is just as diverse as its population.

Featured photo: Prayitno / Flickr

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Some people believe that millennials are not buying homes.

They’re wrong.

While it’s true they’ve been a little slow to get into the real estate market, millennials are looking to buy a place.


They’re just a little picky and want good guidance in the form of an excellent real estate agent.

Here are 7 things millennials look for in a good real estate agent.

Someone who is available 24/7

It all boils down to instant gratification. Whether it’s 11:00 p.m. or 6:00 a.m., they want you to be available to answer any questions they may have. In 2018, the lines between personal and work time are heavily blurred.

Strong social media skills

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Millennials talk with friends, do business, shop and so much more on social media. They’re on it throughout the whole day and find almost all their information on it, including for real estate. In particular, Instagram has become a huge part of marketing strategies for realtors and helps them secure online leads.

It’s also more acceptable now to message people through social media and skip the boring emails that we all dread.

A good website

Millennials want information fast and want to access it at any time they’d like. Having a great website is absolutely crucial and gives one centralized location for interested clients to find out about your services. A mobile-friendly website will go a long way, because in today’s day-and-age, millennials can do so much through their mobile device.

Someone they can socialize with

You can’t be boring

Asides from doing business with a real estate agent, millennials want to be able to socialize with them. They want an agent that is friendly, confident and knows what they’re talking about. Recommendations from friends and family also go a long way for millennials when choosing an agent to work with.

A realtor with educational information

Millennial buyers are looking for homes online and like to do their research even before they reach out to a real estate agent. If you can provide them excellent reports, market insight and thought-provoking articles, you’ve put yourself in a good spot to do business with them at some point.

Holding educational sessions and online workshops are another way to connect with millennial buyers.

A realtor with great testimonials

Getting testimonials will go a long way to making millennials feel comfortable with choosing you. They want to know what others have said about working with you and what their experience was like. In addition, you should create strong social media posts that show your best work and has your audience giving you positive feedback.

Someone who keeps up with VR technology

Virtual reality tours allows people to see a property in a completely different way that can give them a new perspective. For people who are distant and can’t see a a house in person, this technology is invaluable.

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At one point or another, you’re going to think about buying your first piece of real estate.

Do you have enough cash to cover the 20% downpayment on a property? Perhaps you need to borrow some money from your parents?

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While your parents might be able to help you out, there are numerous other options out there for you to explore. It’s important to do your research and not rush into anything you can’t handle financially.

Here are five mistakes millennials make when buying real estate.

Putting all your money into a downpayment

You might want to think this through first. It might be very tempting to put all your money into a downpayment, but it could come back to haunt you.

Being still relatively young, there’s still a lot that can change in your life. Whether you get a divorce or lose you job, these monthly payments will be very challenging to handle.

Instead, slowly save up on the side and set aside 6 to 12 months of living expenses in an emergency fund.

Rushing to buy a smaller property

Sometimes you just need to be patient. You might think you’re not going to have kids and have a family for a while, but you need to think long-term. Buying a condo and hoping it goes up in value is a risky game to play.

Not hiring a realtor

Huge mistake.

You might get super excited about buying your first place and think you know everything there is about real estate. Unfortunately, you’re wrong.

Find a good realtor who can assess your full situation and is able to go into negotiations with all the knowledge they need. Without an agent, you’ll be contacting the seller agent directly, who might take advantage of your solo house hunt.

Borrowing more than you can afford

Up to this point in your life, you’ve probably had to worry about much smaller bills. Things such as gas, phone bills and groceries. Now, you’re making a big jump and will need to pay a mortgage. It’s not just any other bill - it’s a huge commitment that has a lot of hidden costs attached to it. There’s property taxes, repair costs and numerous other costs that can land in your face.

The solution?

Only focus on how much you should borrow and not how much you can borrow from the bank. Banks will lend you a large amount of money and you’ll soon realize that it’s just a business for them.

Not attending the home inspection

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It’s absolutely crucial that you attend the home inspection and see what comes up. You want to be as involved as possible and make sure the home inspector you hire is properly vetted.

There’s a lot that is decided based on a home inspection. You find out about repairs, the land the house sits on, previous issues. As you go through a home inspection, some hidden issues that the seller did not disclose earlier may pop up and you can even renegotiate the selling price if that is needed.

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The winter season and cold weather is quickly approaching.

That means it’s time for you to protect your home from any damage that can be caused as a result of the chilly weather.

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Here are a few ways to get your home winter ready before it’s too late.

Have Your Furnace Serviced

A routine check during the fall can really go a long way. You want to make sure everything is running properly and efficiently. If there are repairs needed, doing it earlier allows you to have enough time before the cold weather begins.

Check Your Doors & Windows For Leaks

Make sure all your doors and windows in the house are properly sealed. This will ensure that your home stays warm throughout the winter. Check all the strips along the doors and windows, replacing the ones that are damaged.

Sweep The Chimney

You probably haven’t used your chimney much and it’s very important to have it cleaned before using it. This will help prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide from building up.

Clean Out The Gutters

Leaves and other debris quickly build up throughout the fall season. Clogged gutters prevent rain and snow from draining properly, causing damages to your house.

Inspect The Roof

See if your roof has any missing or damaged sections that need to be patched up. If repairs are needed, call a professional and get your roof fixed before the wet weather begins.

Shut Off Outdoor Faucets

You won’t be watering anything and it’s better to shut off everything. Water left in the pipes can cause it to burst.

Trim Your Bushes & Trees

Make sure any overgrown bushes or trees are trimmed back away from your house and electrical wires. This will help decrease your risk of property damage and power problems.

Repair Patios & Pavers

A loose patio stone or paving stone will only get worse over the winter as the natural freeze and thaw cycle of the soil hoists it farther out of place in a process called frost heave. Have loose stones reset by a mason or handyperson in the fall.

Mark Garden Beds, Paths & Driveways

It's going to be tough to see where driveways, flower beds, or walkways end and your lawn begins after rough winter conditions. Use "fiberglass snow poles or driveway markers every several feet to line the edges of these areas. That helps provide a clear path whether you’re blowing or shoveling snow yourself or you hire a professional plow driver".

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You’ve found your dream home and you’re ready for a down payment.

It’s not easy to put together a down payment and it might just be the largest single cash expenditure you ever make.

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However, there are numerous ways to find money at your disposal and put together that down payment.

Get Rid Of That Latte

Buying that latte or lunch everyday amounts to a lot of money slowly over time. Cutting back on these small daily purchases can help you save thousands in the long run. Even better, oven a Tax-Free Savings Account and earn extra.

Sell Your Stuff

There’s probably a bunch of items lying around your house that you haven’t used in years. Whether it’s that old treadmill or that massive CD collection, selling them could help you make some good money to put aside. You might even have bigger items, such as a second or third car that’s just parked outside and rotting away. Sell those items you don’t use anymore and you’ll make some good money!

Ask Your Family For Help

There’s no shame in this. Most lenders will allow you to use gifted funds from a family member for a down payment. Your mortgage provider will ask you to provide a signed letter stating that the funds are a gift and don’t need to be paid back.

Look For A Second Job

Getting another side gig for a little while can help you save some extra cash for that big down payment. In today’s day and age, finding a part-time job that allows you to work from home and have flexible hours isn’t that impossible. Ask your network of friends and perhaps they might have somewhere for you to work a few hours a week.

Liquidate Your Assets

Do you have stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that you could sell? This could be a great source of cash for you. It’s important to first talk to a business professional and assess how much tax you’ll have to pay by doing this.

Explore First Time Homebuyers Programs

Here in British Columbia, we do have a First Time Home Buyers' Program.

The First Time Home Buyers' Program reduces or eliminates the amount of property transfer tax you pay when you purchase your first home. If you qualify for the program, you may be eligible for either a full or partial exemption from the tax.

If one or more of the purchasers don’t qualify, only the percentage of interest that the first time home buyer(s) have in the property is eligible.

For example, if you qualify and purchase a property with a fair market value of $400,000 with a person who doesn’t qualify you would still qualify. If you owned a 60% interest in the property, 60% of the tax amount would be eligible for the exemption.

Pay Off Your Credit Cards

This is one of the toughest financial things to do. You need to make some real financial sacrifices to pay off your credit cards and escape those nasty interest rates.

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With an estimated population of 232,755, Burnaby is the third largest city in Metro Vancouver.

With so many people living in this beautiful city, dining options are almost endless. Coupled with a strong local economy and rapid development, it’s not hard to see why so many people love to call Burnaby home.

Here are the best restaurants in Burnaby you must try.

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Best Restaurants In Burnaby

Saffron Indian Cuisine

About: This local restaurant offers classic Indian cuisine, with desserts and a buffet option, in a warm, colourful setting.

Location: 4300 Kingsway #5, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Isami Sushi

About: Their diverse menu offers a range of Japanese cuisine to please everyone's tastes including sushi, salads, soups, teriyaki dinners and more. Isami’s commitment is to provide great service and the best quality ingredients!

Location: 6 - 4603 Kingsway, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Hart House Restaurant

About: Hart House Restaurant is a tudor-style mansion on the lake presenting Pacific NW plates with a cottage hosting special events.

Location: 6664 Deer Lake Avenue, Burnaby

Cost: $$$$

Hi Genki Restaurant

About: Hi Genki offers homestyle Japanese eatery in the Nikkei Cultural Centre that also has varied takeaway fare.

Location: 6680 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby

Cost: $

Anton's Pasta Bar

About: Anton’s Pasta Bar is renowned for delicious fresh pasta, friendly staff, reasonable prices, and enormous portions of food.

Location: 4260 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Chad Thai Restaurant

About: Chad Thai serves authentic Thai cuisine in a casual and relaxing atmosphere.

Location: 4010 East Hastings Street, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Sushi S Japanese Restaurant

About: This casual eatery provides a variety of sushi along with beef teriyaki and other Japanese kitchen fare.

Location: 4739 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Riverway Clubhouse

About: Visually-stunning with its impressive floor-to-ceiling windows, the Riverway Restaurant is truly unparalleled for its high wood-beamed architecture and beautiful views of the surrounding golf course. This grand and brilliant setting is matched only by the Riverway’s expertly-prepared, award-winning cuisine.

Location: 9001 Bill Fox Way, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Butchers Block BBQ

About: Located in the heart of Burnaby Heights, Mary and Calvin serve up mouth-watering, fall-off-the-bone, barbecued meats and delicious sides such as baked beans, creamy coleslaw, corn niblets and more. Their locally sourced meats are lightly smoked to let the nuances of the meats shine through and are made in daily small batches to keep everything as fresh as possible.

Location: 4091 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Tenen Restaurant

About: Tenen proudly serves traditional Eastern-European food from the Balkan region. You’ll discover old recipes combined with authentic and unique ambiance here!

Location: 7569 Royal Oak Avenue, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips

About: Established in 1965, Cockney Kings Fish & Chips has become an institution in Burnaby and New Westminster. They do fish & chips right - good quality ingredients, fresh cut chips, fish cut daily - with an authentic British feel that can't be beat.

Location: 6574 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Argo Greek Cuisine Pizza & Pasta

About: Argo is a Greek Restaurant owned and operated by a Greek family. It specializes in authentic Greek cuisine, pizza and pasta.

Location: 3790 Canada Way #108, Burnaby

Cost: $$

Featured photo: Hart House Restaurant / Facebook

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The West End is one trendy neighbourhood.

It’s got chic fashion stores on Robson Street and diverse dining options ranging from ramen shops to seafood grills.

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Here are the best nightlife spots in the West End you need to know about.


About: Buff bartenders serve creative and standard drinks in a music-filled modern space with large windows.

Location: 1181 Davie Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

PumpJack Pub

About: This neighbourhood watering hole has drink specials & gay party nights. It also has DJs and a dance floor.

Location: 1167 Davie Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

The Blind Sparrow

About: This is Vancouver's only gastro tavern focusing on local craft beer and B.C wine with an exciting share plate menu developed by Kayla Dhaliwall.

Location: 1210 Denman Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

Espana Restaurant

About: Espana is a low-lit, intimate tapas bar with locally sourced, Spanish small plates, sherries & craft cocktails.

Location: 1118 Denman Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

The Three Brits Public House

About: This bar has large windows facing English Bay, offering craft beers, cocktails & pub fare.

Location: 1780 Davie Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$  

Bayside Lounge

About: With world famous English Bay as their backdrop, Bayside Lounge is one of Vancouver's most cherished cocktail lounge. This unique venue features a sunken circular bar with a panoramic ocean view, a legendary cocktail list, and a tapas-style menu.

Location: 1755 Davie Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

The Park at English Bay

About: With 25 beers on tap, 14 plasma TVs, 2 projectors and superb service, The Park is the spot to hang out!

Location: 1755 Davie Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

Score on Davie

About: This neighbourhood hangout spot serves Canadian pub fare, local wines & tap craft beers and weekend brunch.

Location: 1262 Davie Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$


About: With acclaimed Chef Andrew Richardson at the helm, the menu at CinCin represents the clean and plentiful flavours of Italian gastronomy. Each dish is prepared with the freshest, thoughtfully selected ingredients sourced from the regions best suppliers and transformed into a parade of captivating aromas, tastes and textures.

Location: 1154 Robson Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$$


About: Guests will feel the magic of a classic steakhouse, but with a contemporary twist. The Roof, Black+Blue's third floor outdoor restaurant and lounge, is one of Vancouver's largest rooftop dining destination offering platinum seating to the city's patio scene.

Location: 1032 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$$$

Zabu Chicken

About: Located at Robson Street Vancouver, Zabu Chicken is a fried chicken restaurant that showcases the absolute dedication to the most authentic Korean style fried chickens and family style Korean fare.

Location: 1635 Robson Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$


About: CENTRO is an authentic Italian restaurant and cocktail bar with 1970's-inspired decor serving classic Italian fare and modern cocktails.

Location: 1037 Denman Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

Pink Elephant Thai

About: Their restaurant is comprised of 88 seats, including 8 at the bar, with a large communal table running the length of the restaurant. Their oversized booths are sure to become coveted tables, while a chef’s table, ideal for larger groups, has a view of all the action in the kitchen and below from up above on the mezzanine.

Location: 1152 Alberni Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

Railway Stage & Beer Cafe

About: With stage direction from local impresario Thomas Anselmi, the Railway offers local-centric live music, comedy nights by Dino Archie and friends as well as Joe Rotundo’s live Saturday Sessions. A new kitchen focused on freshly pressed sandwiches is paired with the 24 tap and 4 cask engine local craft beer program.

Location: 579 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver

Cost: $$

Featured photo: Glowbal Restaurant Group

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Surrey has continued to evolve into a world-class city, giving its residents everything they need for their day-to-day routines.

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In particular, Surrey boasts a plethora of stellar restaurants, each showcasing unique flavours from across the world.

Here are the best restaurants in Surrey.

Afghan Kitchen

About: Afghan Kitchen only serves the best Afghan food with the freshest ingredients. They aim to elevate and redefine Afghan cuisine, and to provide the most memorable dining experience possible through quality food, beverages, and service. Afghan Kitchen also has vegetarian and vegan options to choose from.

Location: 16120 24th Ave #115, Surrey

Price: $$

Tasty Indian Bistro

About: Tasty Indian Bistro offers traditional Indian dishes & tandoori-cooked items in a swanky dining room with a patio. This restaurant is also vegetarian friendly, with plenty of vegan options also available.

Location: 8295 120 Street, Delta

Price: $$

Thai By Thai

About: Thai By Thai, situated in between two cities; Delta and Surrey, is a part of the Lower Mainland that will be forever Thailand. Like its traditional approach, the restaurant offers exquisite Thai cuisine in a modern, stylish venue.

Location: 9164 120 Street, Surrey

Price: $$

Green Lettuce

About: Inspired by the culture, spices and living in India, the chefs at Green Lettuce

create tantalizing Chinese and Indian food--traditional and original-- combined

that will certainly have you coming back for more!

Location: 6350 120 St #112, Surrey

Price: $$

Phở Tâm Vietnamese Restaurant

About: This traditional Vietnamese restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes at great prices.

Location: 10302 City Parkway, Surrey

Price: $

Old Surrey Restaurant

About: The Old Surrey Restaurant, founded in 1975 by Spain native Valentine Aguirre, serves up fresh, inspired dishes with local ingredients including lamb and veal from the family's Chilliwack farm.

Location: 13483 72 Avenue, Surrey

Price: $$$

New York New York Greek Restaurant

About: New York New York Greek Restaurant is a fully licensed, family owned and operated restaurant specializing in authentic Greek cuisine in a New York atmosphere. Along with our traditional Greek dishes, we offer seafood, steak, pasta and more for lunch and dinner. Each dish is prepared using the freshest, finest quality ingredients.

Location: 6361 152 Street, Surrey

Price: $$

Dominion Bar + Kitchen

About: With a focus on locally sourced ingredients, their menu offers you a unique take on New Canadian dishes, complimented by an exciting list of cocktails, BC wines and local craft beer.

Location: 13475 103 Ave D1, Surrey

Price: $$$

The Samosa House

About: Although samosas can be filled with a range of common ingredients, such as lamb, beef, or potato, Samosa House is breaking through the norm - developing one-of-a-kind flavour combinations that will have you coming back for more.

Location: 109 - 12837 88 Avenue, Surrey

Price: $

The Cabin Restaurant

About: Their Pacific Northwest style cuisine features fresh seafood, "AAA" steaks, gourmet pasta and many gluten free options.

Location: 12302 Beecher Street, Surrey

Price: $$

Chilies Thai Cuisine

About: Chilies Thai Cuisine is a family-owned and operated Thai cuisine restaurant. They offer numerous seafood, vegetarian and curry dishes.

Location: 101, 8077 King George Boulevard, Surrey

Price: $$

Akasaka Japanese Restaurant

About: This spacious restaurant only serves the freshest seafood, meat and produce. Also tatami rooms are available for small groups to enjoy a bit of privacy.

Location: 15110 101 Avenue, Surrey

Price: $$

Pasta Vino Trattoria & Bar

About: Guest will enjoy classic Italian dishes and their modern take on others. All pastas are made fresh using our pasta maker shipped directly from Italy! All sauces are made in house with fresh local ingredients, and organic when available.

Location: 15355 24 Avenue, Surrey

Price: $$$

My Shanti by Vikram Vij

About: My Shanti is a reflection of the personal and culinary journeys that Vikram Vij taken with friends throughout India. Each dish has been chosen to represent the uniqueness of a particular region’s cuisine.

Location: 15869 Croydon Drive, Surrey

Price: $$

Featured photo: Tasty Indian Bistro / Facebook

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Picking a good real estate agent is very important.

You need to find someone who understands the market inside and out, while also being able to negotiate a fair price for your dream home.

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These are all things you can’t do on your own and trusting a real estate agent will make your life much easier.

Here are eight tips for finding a good real estate agent.

Time & Expertise

You need to find a real estate agent who has a lot of expertise under his/her belt. Not to mention, it’s important find an agent who has experience buying the type of home that you’re looking for (condominium, detached, etc).


You don’t want to pick a real estate agent that lives hours away from you. You also need to find someone who knows the area where you want to live, while also being involved in the community. They need to understand everything you’d want in a neighbourhood and what it’s like to live there.

Good personality

Finding a realtor that has a personality that you would enjoy working with is absolutely important. It’s not just all about showing you a lot of listings. You want an agent who isn’t too pushy and that puts you in uncomfortable negotiations. One of your personal friends might be able to help you, but can you keep emotions out of it?

Great Listening skills

Getting an agent that listens to you will ensure that you are both on the same page and that they understand what you want in a house. The last thing you want is for them to find you any random house that they “think” you might like. You want to establish clear communication expectations with them and always stay in touch when it comes to key decisions.

Excellent Referrals

Reach out to an agent’s previous clients and see what they have to say about them. This will be a huge indication of how a real estate agent is and if they are suited to work with you. Take your time doing this and don’t rush anything. It’s a good idea to contact as many previous clients as possible.

Core Values

Everyone has core values and you need to be working with an agent whose values align with yourselves. If you’re a match with someone, then you know that you’ll both play by the same rules and can expect a certain level of productivity. For example, you might want someone who will tell you the truth no matter the situation.

Proper Credentials

Do your homework and make sure that the real estate agent is licensed and can legally practice in your province or state. You can also research online and find out if the agent has ever received any disciplinary actions or complaints.

Trust your instinct

It all comes down to this. After doing all your research and asking people what they think, it comes down to you. You know what you need best and making the decision needs to be yours. Don’t go for the popular agent or the one that all your friends know. Go with the one that fits you best and that’ll do the finest work to find your dream home.

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Here on the West Coast, we’re blessed with an abundance of fresh ingredients, captivating flavours and world-class chefs.

Vancouver’s multiculturalism has brought together cuisines from across the globe and it’s not hard to find why our city is so sought after.

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Whether you’re looking for seafood, Asian, Indian, Italian, French, or anything else, you’re bound to find a spot for it.

Here’s a list of the best restaurants in Vancouver.

The Best Restaurants In Vancouver


About: Since opening, Hawksworth Restaurant has received an unparalleled set of awards, a testament to the talents and dedication of Chef Hawksworth’s exceptional team. This spot has breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks.

Location: 801 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Price: $$$$


About: Many say that Tojo’s is the best Japanese restaurant in Canada. Legendary chef Hidekazu Tojo was the one who invented the California roll.

Location: 1133 West Broadway, Vancouver

Price: $$$$


About: Mixing Indian influences, flavours and cuisine, with sustainable, locally produced ingredients has ensured Vij’s has remained in the Top Ten lists of restaurants in this country and around the world.

Location: 3106 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Price: $$$

Kissa Tanto

About: Tucked into the upper story of a delightfully faded building in Chinatown, Kissa Tanto invites you into the little jewel that is the House of Plenty. Guests can expect some of the best Japanese-Italian cuisine they’ll ever try.

Location: 263 East Pender Street, Vancouver

Price: $$$

Burdock & Co

About: Andrea Carlson is chef and owner of Burdock & Co, which she opened in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood in 2013. The food A natural abundance of ingredients cared for by growers, farmers and foragers.

Location: 2702 Main Street, Vancouver

Price: $$

Juke Fried Chicken

About: Juke’s menu is full of tasty eats like crispy fried chicken, sticky pork ribs and dry-spiced wings. They even serve up some wicked brunch offerings, including a fried chicken sandwich with a fried egg, chicken hash with a soft-boiled egg and of course—chicken and waffles.

Location: 182 Keefer Street, Vancouver

Price: $$  

Cafe Medina

About: Since opening in 2008, Café Medina has carved out a niche as a truly exceptional breakfast, lunch and weekend-brunch destination that effortlessly blends eclectic bistro fare, connoisseur-savvy coffee and sweet nourishment via the city’s best Belgian waffles.

Location: 780 Richards Street, Vancouver

Price: $$

The Victor

About: Located on Parq’s sixth-floor rooftop, Victor boasts a vibrant energy that echoes and amplifies the vitality of the city of Vancouver, overlooking False Creek and a 30,000 square foot rooftop urban park. It’s an elegant bar that offers premium libations, cutting edge cocktails, and an extensive selection of champagnes and wines.

Location: 39 Smithe Street, Vancouver

Price: $$$$

Miku Restaurant

About: Located beside the historic landmark, Canada Place, Miku finds its new home along the waterfront, joining the beautiful Vancouver skyline. You can expect quality seafood and suhi at this spot.

Location: 200 Granville Street #70, Vancouver

Price: $$$

YEW Seafood + Bar

About: Crafty culinary surprises await at YEW seafood + bar delivering award-winning cuisine, fresh catches, great wines, innovative cocktails and a fun, welcoming environment.

Location: 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Price: $$$


About: From the back of a surf shop parking lot in Tofino, British Columbia emerged a concept – to infuse the experiences of their travels with their West Coast roots, and bring them to life. Tacofino is a casual, contemporary restaurant with West Coast takes on classic Mexican food & a full bar.

Location: 15 West Cordova Street, Vancouver

Price: $$

Blue Water Cafe & Raw Bar

About: Housed in a handsome brick and beam heritage warehouse conversion, Blue Water Cafe is in the heart of the historic and vibrant Yaletown neighbourhood.

Location: 1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Price: $$$

Featured photo: Hawksworth Restaurant / Facebook

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Once the capital of the new-born Colony of British Columbia in 1858, New Westminster has grown tremendously since its early days.

Located on the right bank of the Fraser River, the “Royal City” boasts a population of 70,996 and a continuous sense of excitement.

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New Westminster has a unique blend of local businesses, which has made it an ideal home for many young people and families. Continued real estate development in the city will ensure that it grows in the coming years.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why New Westminster is a great city to live in.

Reasons Why New Westminster Is A Great City To Live In

The Local Food & Drink Scene

Where do we start?

New Westminster is home to the annual Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Fest, the largest one-day food truck fest in Canada. It always has an overwhelming amount of food, hundreds of vendors, eight beer gardens and live music lining Columbia Street.

Columbia Street is also home to a number of can’t-miss restaurants, such as El Santo, Big Star Sandwich and Shawarma Corner. You also have to check out the River Market at the New Westminster Quay that boasts Freebird Chicken Shack, La Perla Ballroom and Longtail Kitchen.

In need of a cold one? Steel & Oak is calling your name.


The small city of New Westminster has 45 parks. That’s a lot of space for you to explore and spend your time at. These parks includes amenities such as a seasonal petting zoo and spray park, waterfront boardwalks, playgrounds, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts and an urban beach!

These include:

  • Queen’s Park
  • Grimston Park
  • Pier Park
  • Quayside Park
  • Moody Park

Local Transportation

Driving can be a challenge across Metro Vancouver and many would opt to take public transit instead. New Westminster has two skytrain stations for you to access the system from: New Westminster and Columbia station. Numerous Translink bus routes operate throughout the city and go to major transportation hubs across Metro Vancouver.


Events are hosted in New Westminster throughout the calendar year. Night markets, food truck festivals, music concerts and bike races are just a couple of the type of events you can see during the summer months. Fall and winter bring themed shopping markets, parades and other seasonal celebrations.

Job opportunities

New Westminster has a handful of large corporations that have huge employee numbers in the city. They include:

  • Royal Columbian Hospital
  • Douglas College
  • TransLink
  • New Westminster School Board
  • Corporation of the City of New Westminster
  • Telus
  • TD Bank
  • Wal-Mart Canada Corporation
  • Justice Institute of BC

City life

New Westminster is close enough to downtown, but you don’t even need to leave the city for many of the activities you’d want to do. For example, New Westminster has a Landmark Movie Theatre at the skytrain station. Numerous bars line the streets of New Westminster, making for a perfect night out in the city. You should also keep an eye out for theatre performances that take place at venues across the city.

Featured photo: City of New Westminster / Facebook

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Talk about a neighbourhood with history.

As Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood, Yaletown has a certain vibe to it that can’t be found anywhere else across the city.

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Gastown’s trendy food and drink scene includes chic cocktail lounges and restaurants serving everything from gourmet sandwiches to local seafood.

Here’s our list of the best nightlife spots in Gastown

Bars & Lounges

Clough Club

This is a trendy low-lit lounge with old-timey flair, craft drinks, elevated pub grub & occasional live music. Their extensive cocktail list will have you coming back for more.

The Portside Pub

Designed to cater to sailors, fishermen and the families who made their living off of the sea, maritime pubs are decidedly friendly. The goal with the Portside Pub is to be the friendliest bar in Vancouver. You'll find great beer, friendly staff, comforting food, good music and fine people.

Guilt & Co

Guilt & Co is a dark, intimate space for cocktails, nibbles & a stage for live performances. From shareables to large servings, they have food options for any appetite.

The Metropole Community Pub

Welcome to your friendly neighbourhood pub.

This Downtown Eastside spot offers drinks, music & pub food faves that you simply can’t go wrong with. Visitors will notice that there’s always special drink options to take advantage of.

The Charles Bar

The Charles Bar supports the ground floor of the famous Woodward’s building. The room’s airy, modern design and unique V-shape allow for various pursuits: guests can crowd the bar watching an NBA or NFL game on the 9′ HD screen while around the corner others can quietly enjoy well-crafted food, craft beer or cocktails.

The Pint Public House

This boisterous sports pub delivers beer pitchers, classic bar bites & wings in 40 different sauces! It’s the perfect spot to catch the big game or have a guys night out. Arrive early as this place gets busy very fast.


The Flying Pig

Based on the West Coast of Canada, this restaurant draws inspiration from the diversity of fresh ingredients readily available here and the tradition of unforgettable but humble family feasts. In short, they create experiences that feels like home.

This spot serves up Canadian standards with a unique twist.


This is for all you vegans.

Their diverse food menu offers up all your favourite bites with just vegan ingredients.

Rodney's Oyster House

Here in BC, we’re blessed with an abundance of quality seafood.

Rodney’s Oyster House has been entertaining seafood lovers and oyster aficionados from far and wide for over ten years. They serve shellfish, chowder & other seafood dishes in a stylish space with exposed-brick walls.


Often regarded as one of the world’s healthiest cuisines, Lebanese food combines the sophistication and subtleties of European cuisines with the exotic ingredients of the Middle and Far East. At Nuba, they offer authentic lebanese cuisine in harmony and rhythm with modern times.


L'Abattoir offers guests an industrial-chic setting for Pacific Northwest fare with a French touch added to it. Their craft cocktails, beers and reserve wines all go terrifically with their elaborate food menu options.

Feaured photo: @coquillevan / Instagram

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Vancouver City Council have voted 7-4 in favour to allow duplexes in 99% of the city’s low-density, single-family areas.

The decision by city council is a huge one, and many argue that it’ll open the floodgates for later allowing triplexes and multi-unit buildings in single-family neighbourhoods

This decision by Vision Vancouver will ultimately create units for people who say they can’t find a place to live in the city.

The vote took place last Wednesday and was ultimately opposed by councillors Melissa De Genova, George Affleck, Elizabeth Ball and Adriane Carr.

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There are many who believe this rezoning process is being rushed and the results may not be what they expect in a couple of years. Changing single-family zoning will alter neighbourhoods like never before in Vancouver.

However, the housing crisis in the city has changed everything and all options have to be considered to find a solution.

NPA’s De Genova wanted the issue deferred to the new council to be elected on October 20th. She added that density should be examined from neighbourhood to neighbourhood.

Adriane Carr of the Green Party highlights that it’s unclear if this decision will make affordability better or worse.

Support For Duplex Rezoning

Vision’s Kerry Jang says that this rezoning will give people more options in our difficult real estate market. He brought up the example of how a family could split their home to make room for adult children.

Mayor Gregor Robertson supports the idea and believes it’s a step in the right direction and will slowly help people.

The entire process by Vision Vancouver is being criticized for a lack of public consultation and many feel uninformed on this issue.

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Yaletown is one of Vancouver’s most hip neighbourhoods and one that offers up a plethora of amazing nightlife spots.

Bars? There’s plenty of those!

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Restaurants? World renowned restaurants call Yaletown home.

These are the best nightlife spots in Yaletown.

Breweries & Bars

Yaletown Brewing Co.

Stop by this bustling hangout that offers a large selection of in-house brewed beers and awesome weekly specials showcasing small-batch tastings. Dig into comfort food with items like pulled pork sandwiches and goat cheese ravioli. They’re open until 3am on Friday/Saturday, 1am on Thursday and midnight every other night.

The Hub

The Hub offers 8 craft beers on tap, a generous selection of cocktails and a very impressive brunch & dinner menu. This is also a top spot for sports fans, with a number of big screens dotted around the bar and patio.

Yaletown Distillery Bar + Kitchen

The Distillery Bar + Kitchen opened in the Spring of 2013 serving up straight forward Italian-American style dishes and boozy handcrafted cocktails. The menu was developed with an emphasis on sourcing local ingredients, taking the time to make products from scratch and being inspired by the way that ‘Mama used to make it’.

The Distillery Bar + Kitchen is the perfect spot to break bread, relax and create memories.

Hello Goodbye Bar

Once you step through these doors, you escape the ordinary. This underground basement bar features seasonal cocktail menus, Hon’s dumplings, VIP table service, live music and DJs for late night revelry. Happy Hour is on Thursday and Friday from 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. You can enjoy $1 dumplings, $4 beers and $7 wines.

TWB - The Wine Bar

At The Wine Bar, they have an extensive list of wines from around the globe, available on tap, by the glass, or by the bottle. With over 200 wines available by the glass, TWB has the largest by-the-glass wine program not only in Vancouver, but all of Western Canada!

Their Tappy Hour is the place to be every day from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. to late.

Phat Yaletown Sports Lounge

This is sports heaven.

Founded in 2004, PHAT has been a local’s staple in Yaletown for over 10 years. PHAT has evolved from its roots as a Deli, developing into its modern form as Yaletown’s premiere neighbourhood hangout.

Owned and operated by the Price family, Al, Paulina and Jess will most often be your bartender for the day or night serving cold beers and home made food. PHAT prides itself on offering the best sports watching experience in Vancouver where you can chat with one of our dozens of regular patrons.

Come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


The Flying Pig Yaletown

The name “Flying Pig” touches on the idea of making the impossible happen, dreaming big, and continuously aiming higher.

This hip and casual restaurant serves up Canadian standards with a unique twist.

Wildtale Yaletown

WildTale celebrates the coastal regions of the world. It features fresh seafood as well as favorites from farm and field, paired with great wines, delicious local beers and refreshing, creative cocktails in a polished yet relaxed room.

Think wild and fresh seafood dished up in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is a spot you can enjoy any night of the week.

West Oak

Located in the heart of Yaletown, West Oak is a bustling, modern-rustic space featuring white oak décor and a buzzing open kitchen. Vancouver’s go-to spot for fine cuisine and a serene dining experience.

When West Oak opened in the spring of 2010, it quickly became a staple in the heart of Vancouver’s stylish and historic district of Yaletown. West Oak is a favourite for athletes, celebrities, and locals alike!

Their meat is naturally raised, grass-fed without hormones or antibiotics. Their seafood is all Oceanwise certified and delivered fresh daily. All of their produce and herbs are from a local supplier, Hannah Brook Farms, and Mikuni Wild Harvest mushrooms.

Rodney's Oyster House

This for all you seafood lovers.

This establishment has been entertaining seafood lovers and oyster aficionados from far and wide for over ten years. Located in historic Yaletown and Gastown, they tantalize taste buds Mondays to Sundays from 11:30 a.m. until late into the night.

Brix & Mortar

Brix and Mortar is an upscale dining experience with a great deal of character. Located in a character house in Yaletown, this unique eatery caters to all kinds of events and large parties.

They bring together modern Canadian cuisine, a commitment to fine wine, creative cocktails and personalized service in an inviting, sophisticated space to create talk-worthy experiences for everyone.

Cactus Club Café

Located just steps away from the Skytrain station, this warm and inviting restaurant is a can’t miss!

Born on the West Coast and growing across Canada, Cactus Club Cafe offers the best in global cuisine using local, fresh ingredients served in a vibrant, contemporary setting. Their menu has delicious flavors to explore and amazing drink options that’ll be the highlight of your night.

Featured photo: Yaletown / Facebook

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Worried you’ll never be able to buy a house?

Can’t save up fast enough?

Perhaps you’ve just lost hope?

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It’s easy to feel this way, but there are steps you can take to help get into the real estate market here in Metro Vancouver.

We’ve come up with 4 ways you can still afford to get into the real estate market.

Get rid of luxury items and eliminate credit card debt

This is a tough one for many, but it is crucial to put you on the right path to own your first home. High-interest credit cards will put you in a hole quickly and will be very hard to get out of. Cancelling some of your credit cards will help you as well and have you just using one card.

Luxury items and spending should also be cut back. Think twice about that expensive watch or luxury handbag you want to buy. It’s these small cutbacks that’ll allow you to save up and finally get that dream house you’ve always wanted.

Move to the suburbs

This can be a big change for people and it’s definitely not an easy one to say the least. Property values tend to be lower outside of the city and you can get more bang for your buck. Also, some rural municipalities offer incentive programs to attract first-time homebuyers.

Vancouver has priced out many and people are starting to move outwards the Fraser Valley. A good tip for finding a new community is to pick one that has easy access to transit options and major roadways.

Rent out a portion of your new house

Get a house that is a bit bigger than you need and rent out a portion of it to someone. Get a place with a basement and renovate it so that it’s perfect for someone looking for a cheaper place to stay.

This will help you with your new mortgage and lets you possibly save a little on the side. It’s important to do your homework beforehand and choose the right person to live in your house. A student is perhaps a good option for you.

Research assistance programs

See if your city or province provides any assistance for first-time home buyers. Here in BC, there is the First Time Home Buyers Program provided by the provincial government.

The First Time Home Buyers' Program reduces or eliminates the amount of property transfer tax you pay when you purchase your first home. If you qualify for the program, you may be eligible for either a full or partial exemption from the tax.

If one or more of the purchasers don’t qualify, only the percentage of interest that the first time home buyer(s) have in the property is eligible.

For example, if you qualify and purchase a property with a fair market value of $400,000 with a person who doesn’t qualify you would still qualify. If you owned a 60% interest in the property, 60% of the tax amount would be eligible for the exemption.

To qualify for a full exemption, at the time the property is registered you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • have lived in B.C. for 12 consecutive months immediately before the date you register the
  • property or filed at least 2 income tax returns as a B.C. resident in the last 6 years
  • have never owned an interest in a principal residence anywhere in the world at any time
  • have never received a first time home buyers' exemption or refund
  • and the property must:
  • be located in B.C.
  • only be used as your principal residence and

have a fair market value of:

  • $475,000 or less if registered on or before February 21, 2017, or
  • $500,000 or less if registered on or after February 22, 2017
  • be 0.5 hectares (1.24 acres) or smaller
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Numerous neighbourhoods make up the Downtown Vancouver core, but none of them are quite like Yaletown.

It’s home to hip restaurants, booming businesses, and a buzz that continues no matter the time of year. In other words, it’s the place to be!

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Since Expo 86, it has been transformed into one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the city. The marinas, parks, high rise apartment blocks, and converted heritage buildings constitute one of the most significant urban regeneration projects in North America.

Yaletown possesses parks, waterfront access, community centres, schools, supermarkets and a plethora of restaurants that’ll keep you close to home.

The neighbourhood is especially appealing to millennials and offers too many incentive to pass up.

Renowned Restaurants

Where do we start? Whether you’re in the mood for Italian or perhaps some seafood, you’ll find it close by in Yaletown. Not to mention, the neighbourhood hosts the annual Taste of Yaletown festival to show off its established and up-and-coming chefs. These restaurants and lounges all offer different atmospheres and gives you a world-class culinary experience. Some places you should keep in mind include:

  • Cioppino’s Mediteranean Grill (Italian)
  • Blue Water Café + Raw Bar (Seafood)
  • Yaletown Brewing Company (Pub)
  • Brix (wine bar)
  • Lupo (Italian)
  • Homer St. Cafe & Bar (Canadian)

Parks & Walking Spaces

Yaletown’s section of the seawall (North False Creek Seawall) is the perfect place for an evening stroll or bike ride. It’s hardly ever crowded and offers a peaceful atmosphere around some amazing restaurants. The neighbourhood also has plenty of bike lanes on the roads to get around conveniently. Other parks in the area include:

  • Yaletown Park
  • Helmcken Park
  • Emery Barnes Park
  • David Lam Park
  • George Wainborn Park
  • Cooper’s Walk

Everything is close by (or walking distance)

We all have busy lives and having things nearby never hurts. Yaletown is home to many many high-tech companies, numerous law and medical/dental offices, and plenty of shops and restaurants. This diversification in the local job market gives you a higher chance of finding a place to work right in your neighbourhood. Getting to the business district is also just a short skytrain ride away.

Blend of old & new

Yaletown is home to many intriguing heritage sites and also has a very modern twist to many of its buildings. The result is a very hip neighbourhood that has stayed true to its identity.

As a millennial, you want to live in a place that is “cool” and not in an area that seems to always be gloomy from the realities of life. Yaletown is always lively and at all times buzzing with something to do!


We want to emphasize this one especially! This is the one part of town where you will have no problem having a dog live in condos. Coopers’ Park offers an off-leash dog area that is perfect for your little buddy and they can easily meet many other dogs there. Not to mention, the park hosts the annual Pet-A-Palooza festival that celebrates everything dogs and welcomes to town dozens of industry leaders.

Featured photo: @life.of.popo / Instagram

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Surrey has reached a lot of its potential and has much more room to grow in terms of real estate.

Surrey is the province's second-largest by population after Vancouver and the third largest by area after Abbotsford and Prince George. With an estimated population of 517,887, it’s clear that people are continuously attracted to living in Surrey.

A report by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) on November 5th, 2017 said that in the next five years, the housing market in Surrey is set to outperform all other cities in British Columbia.

The report highlighted that Surrey’s accessibility to major transit routes puts it in a great position for job growth. The city is attracting businesses across many sectors, including technology, clean energy, manufacturing, agriculture, health, finance and the arts.

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Additional statistics back up the fact that Surrey is the city of the future in BC. Between 2011 and 2016, Surrey’s population grew 10.6% – more than twice the provincial and national average.

By 2041, it is expected to surpass Vancouver to become the largest city in B.C.

Investors and interested buyers are having to deal with a completely new housing market that has many people looking well outside of Vancouver. Surrey offers up a much cheaper option for many buyers and a diverse economy that continues to grow rapidly into the future.

According to the report, the top 10 B.C. cities for housing market potential over the next five years, are:

1. Surrey

2.  Abbotsford

3.  New Westminster

4.  Victoria

5.  Kamloops

6.  Kelowna

7.  Chilliwack

8.  Tri-Cities: Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody

9.  Burnaby

10.  Vancouver

Vancouver continues to see house prices increase and as a result, families and many young people are being forced out. However, there are many markets to explore and get more bang for you dollar.

Featured photo: City of Surrey / Facebook

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When anyone talks about Surrey, we’re describing one of the most diverse cities in the Metro Vancouver region.

Surrey is the province's second-largest by population after Vancouver and the third largest by area after Abbotsford and Prince George.

It’s an absolutely fascinating place to live with a multicultural population, plenty of parks and trails, entertainment spots, and many restaurants to choose from.

Here’s 6 reasons why Surrey is a great city to live in.

It has an ethnically diverse population

Surrey has one of the most ethnically diverse populations in all of Canada, with 40% of people speaking a first language other than English. The city has a large East Indian population and numerous other populations.

The main languages spoken are:

  • English
  • Punjabi
  • Tagalog
  • Hindi
  • Mandarin
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Spanish 
  • German

Plenty of transportation options available

Public transport, operated by TransLink, connects some of Surrey's centres to each other and to other Lower Mainland municipalities. The SkyTrain Expo Line provides service to Downtown Vancouver via four stations: Scott Road, Gateway, Surrey Central (also a bus loop), and King George.

In addition, Translink is also building the Surrey LRT, which will provide modern, street-level light rail transit along King George Boulevard and 104 Avenue.

Outdoor parks & trails

There are over 100 kilometres of nature trails within Surrey parks. You will find some that are hundreds of years old, some that offer world-class birding and others that offer a breath of fresh air in busy city centres.

They include:

  • Bear Creek Park
  • Blackie Spit Park
  • Crescent Park
  • Elgin Estates Park
  • Elgin Heritage Park
  • Fleetwood Park
  • Green Timbers Urban Forest
  • Hawthorne Park
  • Hazelnut Meadows Park
  • Hi-Knoll Park
  • Invergarry Park
  • Mud Bay Park
  • Redwood Park
  • Semiahmoo Trail
  • Serpentine Wildlife Management Area
  • Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest
  • Surrey Lake Park
  • Tynehead Regional Park

Post-Secondary Institutions

Surrey is home to a number of post-secondary institutions, including Simon Fraser University, which opened its doors in 2002. Surrey is also the home of Kwantlen Polytechnic University, a polytechnic university that opened its doors in the Newton Town Centre of Surrey in 1981.

Surrey also has many private post-secondary institutions including Sprott Shaw College, CDI College, MTI Community College, Stenberg College, Academy of Learning, Surrey Community College, Discovery Community College and Vancouver Career College.

Strong Local Economy

Surrey is a rapidly-growing metropolis that is led by the high technology, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, health, education, agriculture, and arts sectors. In 2018, Surrey opened a $68million biofuel facility, the first in North America.

The city has also seen real estate prices continue to rise, leading to more investment money flowing into the local economy.

Community Events

There’s always something going on around the city and this bodes well especially for families.Whether its fall, winter, spring, or summer, Surrey has something for you to enojy the city in the best way possible. Some notable events that happen throughout the year include:

  • WinterFest
  • Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair
  • Canada Day Celebrations
  • Vaisakhi Parade
  • Pie In The Plaza
  • Movies Under The Stars
  • Surrey Fusion Festival
  • Surrey Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Potter’s House Of Horrors

Have questions? Contact our team today and we'd love to help you answer anything!

Photo Credit: City of Surrey / Facebook

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